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Female Entrepreneur Committed Self-immolation to Against Violent House Demolition

November 26, 2009

A violent house demolition case happened earlier this month in Chengdu, the house owner Tang Fuzhen, also a female Entrepreneur, committed self-immolation on the roof of her own house in 13th of November, many of her relatives were seriously injured by police and demolition workers. Her husband Hu Cangming was in Beijing to appeal for the rights of his family when the incident happened and lost his freedom two days later after he came back to Chengdu. Seven members of this family were arrested by police without legal documents.

Government officials were on site when self-immolation took place, the demolition was done by over 300 people including policemen, firefighters and unidentified men wearing camouflage clothes. The house has been demolished already.

The incident was first reported by (新湘报)

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  • Anonymous

    Mr. Zhong Chonglin, the local government official, should hold account for this tragedy because he was at site to take charge when the lady committed self-immolation. At least, he could have ordered quit the demolishing temporarily. Value human life!