China earmarks 500 mln yuan for cultural firms

China allocated 500 million yuan (79.61 million U.S. dollars) to fund the development of centrally-administered state-owned cultural enterprises last year, the Ministry of Finance said Tuesday. The funds were used to support 41 projects in areas such as mergers and reorganization among 30 centrally-administered state-owned cultural enterprises, the ministry said in a statement. In a […]

Chinese language gains popularity in Serbian high schools

Chinese investments in Serbia have influenced more and more Serbian school children to take interest in learning Chinese language, said Wednesday Vesna Fila assistant to Minister of Education and Science, to Tanjug news agency. According to her words, Russian investments in Serbia such as South Stream Pipeline, are having the same effect to earlier less […]

China’s box office sets new record in 2012

China’s film industry earned about 16.8 billion yuan(2.69 billion U.S. dollars) in the box office in 2012, with domestic movies contributing less than half of the revenue, the Chongqing Economic Times reported on Thursday. A total of 303 movies were shown in Chinese theaters in 2012. The number of domestic movies accounted for three quarters […]

Chinese leaders watch Peking Opera for New Year

Chinese leaders watch Peking Opera for New Year

Top Chinese leaders including Xi Jinping, general secretary of Communist Party of China Central Committee, on Sunday watched Peking Opera at the National Center for the Performing Arts in a gala to celebrate the New Year. Vice Premier Li Keqiang and other leaders including Zhang Dejiang, Yu Zhengsheng, Liu Yunshan, Wang Qishan and Zhang Gaoli […]

More translations needed for Chinese literature to expand worldwide

Mohammed Elshijh, an Egyptian doctoral candidate at Beijing Language and Cultural University, chose to study Chinese literature after receiving his bachelor’s degree in 1999. As countries with long, rich histories, China and Egypt have much in common, Elshijh said, adding that Mo Yan, winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature, is also popular in […]

China intensifies regulation of showbiz brokerage

China’s Ministry of Culture issued a regulation on Friday to intensify administration over brokerage activities in the country’s performing arts sector. The ministry told show business brokers to protect performers’ rights and interests, regulate their professional behaviors, help them polish their crafts and supervise their compliance with professional ethics. Under the supervision of the ministry, […]

Chongqing cultural industry sees 30 bln yuan added value

The added value of Chongqing cultural industry hit 30.948 billion yuan in 2011, up 29.6% over 2010 (calculated according to the current price). And the added value accounted for 3.09% of the GDP, above the national average, according to Chongqing Statistics Bureau on December 4, 2012. The added value is mainly produced by the publication […]

Wujiang River Basin Ethnic Culture Research Base opens

The Unveiling Ceremony of Wujiang River Basin Ethnic Culture Research Base, under the Center for Ethnic and Folk Literature and Art Development of the Ministry of Culture, was held at Yangtze Normal University in Chongqing, marking the fourth local research platform of the university. The other three institutes Yangtze Normal University boasts to serve the […]