Changsha Promotes Stamp Collection Culture

A launching ceremony for building Changsha into a model city in promoting the culture of stamp collection was held in Changsha on November 7. According to Liu Shaoquan, director of Changsha Post Bureau, the Changsha Stamps Collection Association has attracted over 6,800 registered members since its establishment in 1982. Changsha’s famous figures, beautiful sceneries, unique […]

China prints its 100 millionth Bible

China has become the biggest Bible publishers in the world after printing its 100 millionth, according to the country’s only authorized Bible-printing company. On Thursday, Qiu Zhonghui, chairman of the board of Amity Printing Co. Ltd., which is based in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing, said the 100 millionth copy was printed in July. […]

Chinese-language Learners Take the HSK in Indonesia

Chinese-language Learners Take the HSK in Indonesia

The Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) was successfully held at Ma Chung University in Indonesia on November 4. The exam was organized by teachers dispatched from Hunan Normal University. 238 Chinese-language learners from Indonesian universities, senior and junior high schools as well as other various circles of society in Malang sat for the exam. Yu Yuexiang, […]

50 Experts Discuss Improving Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Knowledge and Management

The Expert Symposium on Painting and Calligraphy Knowledge and Management opened in Changsha on November 6. Co-hosted by the China Art Science and Technology Institute and Hunan Provincial Culture Department, the meeting was attended by more than 50 domestic and overseas painting and calligraphy experts. Attending members proposed different methods and strategies to make up […]

China and Britan to co-foster “global citizen” in Chongqing

The training planning of “Global Citizen Cultivation” co-held by China and Britan was launched in Tiantaigang Primary School in Nan’an District, Chongqing on November 5. Chongqing will foster a batch of global citizens with global views and competitiveness among presidents, backbone teachers and student cadres from now on. China and Britan signed an outline agreement […]

China Tibetan Culture Week opens in Poland

The 2012 Poland China Tibetan Culture Week opened here in Warsaw on Monday, aiming to give the Poles a glimpse of Tibet and its traditional culture. At the opening ceremony held at the Palace of Culture and Science in the heart of Warsaw, Cui Yuying, deputy director of the Information Office of China’s State Council, […]

2012 Cross-Strait Shennong Cultural Forum Held in Yanling County

On November 3, the 2012 Cross-Strait Shennong (Emperor Yan) Cultural Forum was held in Yanling County, Zhuzhou City. Over 800 experts, scholars and representatives of all works of life from across the Taiwan Strait attended the forum. A heated discussion on exploring the spirit of Emperor Yan and promulgating Shennong Culture (Culture of Emperor Yan) […]

Hunan’s Creative Cultural Industry to Increase Its Worth to 90 BIn by 2015

According to the Specific Plan for Strategic Emerging Industries (Cultural Creative Industry) in Hunan (hereinafter referred to as the Plan), by the year 2015, the added value of cultural creative industry of Hunan will have exceeded 90 billion yuan. Cultural industry in Hunan maintains an average growth rate of 20% for five consecutive years, accounting […]

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