China’s largest salt lake expands

The area of Qinghai Lake, China’s largest salt lake, has expanded by 124 square kilometers in the past four years, according to the latest survey. The area of the lake was 4,373 square km during the dry season in a satellite survey carried out between the end of May and early June, said Wang Yuan, […]

China launches 6th Arctic expedition

Scientists onboard the icebreaker Xuelong, “Snow Dragon”, have begun China’s 6th Arctic expedition. They spent about three hours on the first research site in the Bering Sea on Friday night. A 200-kg CDT (conductivity, depth and temperature) instrument was put more than 3,000 meters below the surface to survey the sea water. During the following […]

Shanghai liquid ammonia leak caused by detached pipe cap

Shanghai liquid ammonia leak caused by detached pipe cap

An initial investigation showed that the liquid ammonia leak that killed 15 in Shanghai on Saturday was caused by a detached pipe cap, local authorities said Sunday. A cap on a pipe carrying liquid ammonia fell off, releasing the chemical at around 10:50 a.m. Saturday, which resulted in the death of 15 and left 25 […]

China unveils five-year plan to treat water, soil losses

The Ministry of Water Resources announced on Thursday a plan to treat water and soil loss problems over the next five years. The plan, which covers 279 counties across 20 provincial-level regions, aims to treat water and soil losses over 30,000 square km of land during the 2013-2017 period, according to a statement on the […]

Typhoon Utor kills 1 in south China

Typhoon Utor kills 1 in south China

Typhoon Utor tore through south China Wednesday, bringing high winds and torrential rains, as well as killing one person and leaving five others missing. Disaster relief authorities in the city of Maoming in Guangdong Province said the casualties were the result of floods triggered by the typhoon. More than 88,000 people were evacuated from the […]

High waves expected in South China Sea

China’s maritime authority on Monday issued an early warning for high waves that may occur in the South China Sea. The National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center issued a yellow warning, the second-lowest level in the country’s four-tier color-coded typhoon warning system, for Typhoon Utor, which is expected to affect the sea area from noon on […]

Full text of Joint U.S.-China Statement on Climate Change

A joint U.S.-China statement on climate change was issued on Saturday. The full text is as follows: Joint U.S.-China Statement on Climate Change The United States of America and the People’s Republic of China recognize that the increasing dangers presented by climate change measured against the inadequacy of the global response requires a more focused […]

Year’s first rainfall for Beijing

The first rainfall of the year fell in Beijing Tuesday, after weeks of haze, dust and drought. The city’s weather bureau said precipitation averaged 4 mm in the six hours from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. The average volume reached 4.2 mm in downtown areas, and 4.9 mm in the northwestern suburbs. The Baihepu Reservoir […]

Chongqing household power consumption declines

Chongqing Electric Power Corp.(the Corporation) issued the change of household power consumption after the implementation of multi-step electricity prices in July, 2012, on February 22, 2013. The average consumption amount hit 199 KWH in 2012, down 9.5% year on year. The execution of multi-step electricity prices policy does promote the electricity conservation and bring about […]

Chongqing to build 30 electric vehicle charging stations

Chongqing will construct one charging station for pure electric vehicls and ten for hybrid-power vehicles with tens of millions yuan in 2013, according to Chongqing Electric Power Corp. on February 22. For the promotion of new energy vehicles, Chongqing is to build 30 charging stations and 1,000 auto charging piles in total for the 30,000 […]

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