Princesses of China in Annual Paris Crillon Haute-Couture Debutantes Ball

The Annual Paris Crillon Haute-Couture Debutantes Ball is held at the ultra-chic Le Crillon hotel, overlooking Paris’ Place de la Concorde. Aristocracy and celebrity girls from all over the world will be trussed up in high-end pret au porter or couture and “presented” to society on the arm of a dashing escort chosen for them […]

Made in China, Made with the World

A commercial “Made in China, made with the world” was broadcasted on CNN and other international media recently. The advertisement was produced by Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. Made in China with American sports technology, Made in China with European styling, Made in China with software from Silicon valley Made in […]

The Character of the Year in China

Chinese netizens are discussing about the character of the year. There’s a website for people to submit and vote for their ideas: ( 年度汉字 ) “The Character of the year” first started in Japan in 1995 (named The Kanji of the year – 今年の漢字 Kotoshi no Kanji ). This year the game attracted great […]

Lost in Translation: The Missing Parts of Obama Shanghai Speech

Obamania continues in China. There are two versions of Obama Shanghai Speech: the original one in English and its Chinese translation provided by Xinhua News Agency. For some reasons Xinhua omitted some parts of Obama’s speech, it is interesting to compare the differences between the two versions, here is the complete list of those missing […]

China Appoints New Provincial Party Chiefs (Biography Added)

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) announced on Monday the latest reshuffle of provincial leaders. Former Party chief of Fujian Province Lu Zhangong was appointed secretary of the Henan Provincial Committee of the CPC, replacing Xu Guangchun. Sun Chunlan was appointed secretary of the Fujian Provincial Committee of the CPC. Former […]

Former Director of Court Committed Suicide While in Custody

Chongqing Municipal Government confirmed that Wu Xiaoqing, former member of Chongqing Municipal Higher People’s Court Judicial Committee (deputy departmental level), dean of Chongqing Judges Education College hanged himself and died in the detention center. Wu Xiaoqing has obtained 3,575,000 yuan, 100,000 Hong Kong dollars in bribery crime, and further 5.18 million yuan could not explain […]

The Harper List of Political Prisoners

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will pay a visit to China for the first time from December 2nd to 6th. The “Canadian Coalition on Human Rights in China” has prepared a list of 11 political prisoners and submitted it to the Prime Minister’s Office. It is still unclear whether Harper will address the human rights […]

Over One Million People Took National Civil Service Exam

29th, November, more than one million people took the national civil service exam to compete for 15000 jobs, the admission ratio approaches to 69:1. Exam results will be published on the official websites of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the State Administration of Civil Service in mid-January, and those who passed […]

Chongqing: 60th anniversary of martyrdom “11.27”

Chongqing Geleshan martyrs cemetery is the former site of Kuomintang concentration camp named “Institute of Sino-US cooperation”. November 27, 1949, the KMT killed more than 300 detained communists and social activists, only 35 survived from the holocaust. The poem below was written by a martyr named Zhou Conghua. Zhou was a communist with identity of […]