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Most netizen in China condemn the content censorship of Chinese Internet, recently some youngsters even confronted the chief architect of censorship/surveillance project face to face in a “fierce way”. Such chance might be only once in a life time (to challenge someone considerably important), as for the “Little Secretary of Sina”(新浪小秘书)? You could see their message sparkling on your page all the time telling you some lines have gone for ever if you have guts to post.

Technically, those smart guys behind the cyber iron curtain are the same like many of us. They breathe “Fresh Air” in Beijing, enjoy the traffic jam during rush hour on their way home and sacrifice their youth and health for a tiny flat in this giant city. It could be one of your choices to become one of them after you get an IT degree, as it posted here and here.

Sometimes we get clicks with refer-link from the backstage of Sina Weibo monitoring platform, the structure shows like: 10%3A00%3A00&etime=2011-06-07 10%3A30%3A00&page=10&page=9

which well represents the operation logic of the monitoring process: the core of the monitoring scheme is built upon the admin panel, sensitive items are picked and categorized through timeline, the man who’s in charge of pressing the button need to confirm the “pass” or “hide” for the suspicious entry. A geek like you and me? May be. He’s on Chrome 11.0 anyway.

微博-监控开发工程师 工作地点:北京 招聘人数:若干
Microblog Monitoring Engineer: Location – Beijing
Develop the Microblog Monitoring Platform
Maintain the Microblog Monitoring Platform
Microblog API & Data Analysis
Bachelor’s Degree or above in Computer Science
Experience in Data Analysis & Data Mining are preferred
Expert in PHP or Python
Expert in Front-End Technology: HTML/XHTML/XML/CSS/Javascript
Understand Apache/Memcache, Familiar with MySql

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Referrer 10%3A00%3A00&etime=2011-06-07 10%3A30%3A00&page=10&page=9
Host Name
IP Address
Country China
Region Beijing
City Beijing
ISP China Unicom Beijing Province Network
Returning Visits
Visit Length 0 seconds
Browser Chrome 11.0
Operating System WinXP
Resolution 1280×1024
Javascript Enabled


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