Russia not to support new U.N. resolution on Syria

Russia will vote against a new draft U.N. resolution on Syria, the Foreign Ministry said Saturday.

The document, prepared by a number of countries and to be voted soon at the U.N. General Assembly, is “obviously biased and full of conflicting terms,” said the ministry in a statement.

The resolution blames only the Syrian government for the crisis, completely ignoring external military, logistical and financial support for the opposition and terrorist activities of armed opposition groups, said the ministry.

The authors of the new resolution seek approval from the U.N. General Assembly of its unilateral plan for Syria with the single purpose of regime change, said the statement, adding it ignores “regional and political implications of such a scenario.”

Russia noted that the two previously adopted U.N. General Assembly resolutions with almost identical content only served to complicate the process of peaceful settlement. Moscow, therefore, will not support such a document in the vote, it said.

Meanwhile, Moscow is concerned about the prospect of a new discharge of tension and confrontation over the Syrian issue to the U.N., and urges relevant players to consolidate all parties in Syria to implement the formerly-adopted Geneva Communique, which serves as “the only viable platform for Syrian settlement,” said the ministry.


2 Responses to "Russia not to support new U.N. resolution on Syria"

  1. Chris Devitt   April 15, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    This is what happened in Spain before WW11, , Italian troops and German arms flooded the country, the fact that the majority of the people didn’t want Franco or Facism did not matter. The League of Nations, like the U.N. today facilitated the regime change, With the U.N. working hand in hand with the enemies of peace we can only look forward to another grand war.

  2. Chris Devitt   April 27, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    This is great news for peace, the gang of international thugs that have waylaid Syria are responsible for the situation, and possibly of supplying chemical weapons to their mercenaries there. This situation is the same as Japanese excuses to invade China, or the French invasion of Siam. If an end is not put to this insanity it will cause major wars.


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